Stress Management

Feeling overwhelmed, blue, sickly, and just overall negative and bad? Let’s talk about stress! It is a huge contributor to all known diseases and ill affects, and often can lead to heart problems and a poorly functioning body. Stress is brought on by all sorts of factors, and it can be difficult to avoid in our modern, busy lifestyles. However, it is important to understand that it can be managed well through certain activities, types of eating, and self care. I’ll discuss these items in this blog post so that you, and all of us can feel and live better.


First of all, retaining and maintaining a physically active lifestyle helps to prevent stress from building up in the body. Most of us feel to busy with work, family obligations, and housework to feel like we can squeeze in the time needed for a workout. But never fear: you don’t have to go lift weights at the gym or run miles to be “physically active.” Choose an activity that you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle, like yoga, walking the dog, dancing, swimming, biking, rock climbing–even remembering to simply reach down and stretch once in awhile will relieve copious amounts of stress and help the body feel in its element and happy.


Next, a thoughtful diet is a huge stress reliever for the body and soul. Every organism has different dietary needs, so some people will thrive on certain foods and ways of eating while other people enjoy other methods better. The important thing, in any case, is to put thought into your food choices and timing of your eating. Listen to your body and your emotions, and try to remember what makes you feel best when it comes to consumption. Stress levels go down when you don’t make your body feel bloated and sluggish, abused and overworked, or starved and faint. Find a balance emotionally and physically and stress will diminish.


Lastly, performing “self care rituals” means something different to everyone. Some people enjoy lengthy hygiene habits–like aromatic baths, face masks, and exfoliating and moisturizing. Other people find productive hobbies like crochet, woodworking, or playing an instrument. Still others prefer regular meditation, alone time outdoors or in a favorite bookstore or cafe. You can also create a relaxing space in your home, with soft colors and calming art (for coupons on decor, start your search here- Groupon Coupons for Overstock). Whatever hobby or ritual makes you feel rejuvenated and happy, make sure to try to practice it regularly to maintain healthy, low stress levels.